What We Do

Executive Coaching - Take the Journey Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Accredited executive coach works with clients on an individual basis to achieve goals and performance improvement, task specific coaching, enhancing personal impact and increasing confidence.

Masterclasses - Take the Journey Executive Coaching
Masterclasses and Workshops

We provide a variety of selected executive masterclasses, each facilitated using the principles of the Thinking Environment ® by certified ‘Time to Think’ facilitators

Feedback from Workshop Participants

Feedback from previous ‘Better Work Relationships’  workshops

  • I felt really listened to

  • I was amazed to see rapport building between people in different departments that previously wouldn’t have spoken to each other

  • Thought -provoking session

  • Much to take away from the workshop

  • A really safe and secure environment, everyone was equal in this room

  • Non judgemental

  • I felt a bond with X and a chance to understand things from his perspective

  • I found I was able to share my thoughts which I wouldn’t normally do in a large group

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