Executive Coaching Programmes

There are increasing pressures on today’s leaders, executives and CEOs to perform in a rapidly changing economic environment. Executive coaching is considered one of the most powerful change management tools available to support and enable individuals in the modern organisation.

Angela Radford provides bespoke executive coaching programmes designed to empower individuals by using recognised coaching techniques to create a safe and confidential space for reflection and challenge.

A programme typically comprises 6 coaching sessions over 6 to 8 months with Angela Radford, our accredited coach and ‘Time to Think’ ® facilitator. All programmes are tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation and the individual and are targeted at individuals in management and leadership roles.

Benefits of executive coaching include:
• Improved performance and decision-making
• Increased confidence and resilience
• Better stakeholder management
• Independent and creative thinking
• Informed approach to conflict resolution

Coaching sessions are available face to face or via Skype or phone

To find out more including information on availability and rates, please contact us.

Coaching Leaders

Accredited executive coach works with clients on an individual basis to achieve goals and performance improvement, task specific coaching, enhancing personal impact and increasing confidence.

Women in Leadership

Specialist knowledge of issues facing women in management, work life balance, play to strengths whilst balancing personal goals.

Transitional Coaching

Preparing individuals for promotion, new roles, leadership transformation and redundancy.

Return to Work

Specialist knowledge and understanding of individuals returning to the workplace

Career Management

For individuals considering a change in career, change in role or career progression

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